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Espresso Elettrico

Espresso Elettrico


            speed grip                               forward - backward switch

batteries and recharger                          control pannel

                               recharger box

"Espresso Eletricco" 
This version is equipped with a powerful electric motor powered by batteries.
The teachers can drive the stroller by one hand, and have the
complete control of the vehicle without too much stress. Drive slope or
downhill, stop for an emergency.

Technical specifications:
Sizes: 198x75x119; Weight: 120kg; Max load: 120kg;
Hermetic GEL batteries 2x12V, 42 Ah (optional 2x 12V, 70 Ah)
Variable speed from 0 to 5 km/h
Neutral switch/Emergency switch
On-off key, Battery recharging on board
Fully automatic electromagnetic brake that block off the stroller

City road battery 42 Ah:
Slope 0%: 3-4 hours
Slope 10%: 1-2 hours

City road battery 70 Ah:
Slope 0%: 6-8 hours
Slope 10%: 4-6 hours

Off road battery 42 Ah:

Slope 0%: 2-3 hours
Slope 10%: 0,5-1,5 hours

Off road battery 70 Ah:
Slope 0%: 4-5 hours
Slope 10%: 2-3 hours

In price included
6 Italtrike seat pads + head rest + safety belts + reflex stickers + all around sticker set
+ shipping costs within the EU

It is highly recommended that teachers study the Espresso manual and practice
before using this product with any children onboard.


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